Toshiba Tec’s touch-screen EPOS terminals have been installed into recently launched The People’s Supermarket. Featured on a Channel 4 programme of the same name, The People’s Supermarket is a sustainable food cooperative offering healthy, local food at affordable prices and aims to connect London’s urban community with its local farming community.

“However rough and ready the store looks, it is essential that at the point of exchange of money and product, the customer experience is slick and professional,” said Arthur Potts Dawson, the Co-founder, Executive Chef of The People’s Supermarket. “We knew we needed a specialist till solution that was robust, reliable and easy for our 500+ members to use, allowing them to serve customers in the quickest possible time. Toshiba’s EPOS solution has certainly fulfilled that requirement,” added Potts Dawson.

Since its opening 6 months ago, in the recent Channel 4 programme, The People’s Supermarket has seen a marked increase in footfall and shoppers to the store along with interest from the Government as part of ‘The Big Society Project’. The functionality and flexibility of the Toshiba tills has helped to minimise supermarket queues and provided the store with a reliable and stable solution that meets trading demands.

“Our business becomes your business, is the message from The People’s Supermarket,” continued Potts Dawson. “We offer real control, real information and real power; the Toshiba EPOS solution totally fits this philosophy and I would recommend it for other convenience retailers looking for a state-of the art, future-proofed, low-cost solution.”

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