bookletQuickest flat-pack shelf display unit on market blows retailers away

Fast Moving Consumer Goods just got even faster thanks to a new award-winning flat pack shelf display unit from Europe’s leading paper-based packaging manufacturer Smurfit Kappa, which can be set up in just five seconds.

Specifically designed for products that need quick and simple replenishment, the new Point-of- Sale (PoS) innovation will allow retailers to maximise their use of time and space, plus provide a cost effective solution for brand communication at point-of-purchase.

Sirocco®’s development is a response to a current market need for PoS displays which can be erected in 10 seconds. Aside from being quick to assemble Smurfit Kappa’s solution will also solve the perennial problems of parts getting lost, damage during assembly, complications and abandonment during set up, plus the requirement for expensive merchandisers – as assembly can be carried out by retail staff.

The Sirocco® unit is shipped flat packed in one outer with trays and a header. To assemble, shelves fold out instantaneously once opened. Once constructed, shelves can be simply stocked with a customer’s normal retail-ready packs. Using the display in this way means re-filling could not be simpler and importantly results in a low investment per unit sold.

The unit can be fully branded to match individual product or store designs to create a uniform brand presentation. Sirocco® can be fully printed both inside and outside in up to four colours, with foil blocking, metallic prints and embossing finishes available. One-quarter, one-sixth and one-eighth pallet sizes can be ordered.

Though comparative in cost to other POS displays, Sirocco® will deliver significant supply chain savings. The product is flat packed, to offer a reduction in shipping, storage and transport expenses.

Compliant to retailer requirements, the Sirocco® display system is as quick to dispose of as it is to erect. It can be flattened in 5 seconds and has been specifically designed to fit into a standard roll cage. As the display is 100% corrugated and uses no mixed materials, it can be recycled within a single waste stream making it even easier to dispose of.

Mike Gillies, Sales Director at Smurfit Kappa said: “Seventy-five per cent of customer buying decisions are made at point-of-purchase in store. It’s vitally important for manufacturers and retailers to capitalise on this trend – especially where fast moving consumer goods are concerned.

“Sirocco® is designed to shift such products even faster. As well as being fast to erect, it offers a real solution to the increasing demand for innovative logistical display systems – which can be adapted for many different products and situations. It’s already been a runaway success in Benelux, Polish and Australian retail markets.”

The Sirocco® display system was designed in the UK by Smurfit Kappa Zedek in Leicester and its design has been patented across Europe. Current customers include Nestle with whom Smurfit Kappa service teams have worked closely with.

Sirocco® is the figurehead of the Easy Replenishment range of PoS products from Smurfit Kappa.

For more information contact Smurfit Kappa Zedek in Leicester 0116 289 4004 or email

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