pr_359_tt33The TT33 and its wheeled T3 condenser/evaporator base, introduced by Seymour Manufacturing International (SMI), is a unique and easy way of providing chilled and frozen products, mainly food and drink, on just about any site anywhere in the world in an acceptable condition to maintain Health and Safety standards.

The TT33 simple-to-erect body on a frame is modular with light hook and loop fastened and zip-up sections. The assembly is then chilled or frozen via a 240 volt mobile evaporator which is moved on its robust T3 wheeled base. To operate the T3, the two gas struts are simply lifted allowing the evaporator to self-raise to its operating height. The operator then pushes the unit into the entry slot provided in the TT33 body. Simply plugging into a 13amp supply, or a generator recommended by SMI, quickly produces the chilled or frozen condition. The time taken to achieve working temperature is dependent upon the ambient temperature.

The TT33 and T3 base can be delivered cheaply to sites with limited access for indoor or outdoor use and is the ideal event, outside catering, disaster emergency support or promotion unit. For the Ministry of Defence it provides field kitchen support. It can be fitted with a T3 individual chiller or freezer unit, both of which have fast drawdowns, or a dual temperature chill/freeze unit. These split condenser/evaporator units operate on single phase 220/240 volt supplies.

Assembly, transportation and maintenance costs are minimal and two people can set up the TT33 in 15 to 20 minutes. Modular plastic flooring is available, and strongly recommended, as well as storm straps, pegs and ties for outside use. The TT33 and T3 complete may be hired.

Once assembled, the TT33 is 3metres square and 2.9 metres high and provides a chilled or frozen volume of 171/2 cubic metres. At an ambient of +32ºC the TT33 can maintain an internal storage chill temperature of +2°C to +3°C. The freezing capability will produce from -20ºC to -22ºC, again in an ambient of 32ºC.

Transportation is easy in that the TT33’s weight without the chiller or freezer unit is under 98kg. The chiller unit weighs in at 112kg and the freezer unit 115kg.

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