As Mary Portas commences her review on reinvigorating the nation’s high streets, independent retailers are being urged to consider scent marketing to offer the experiential shopping Portas believes will help them compete against the internet and out of town retail parks.  Ambius, a world leader in scent marketing is offering a free consultancy service for independent retailers to advise them on selecting the right scents to complement their products and services. The Ambius Microfresh ambient scenting system costs from just £250, making scent marketing accessible to the smallest retailer.

Ambius Microfresh is used by retailers, the hotel and leisure industry to create an experience that connects with the emotions and lifestyle of customers.  In retail in particular, scenting has been shown to make customers want to stay longer and the longer they stay, the more likely they are to purchase. The scenting can be directed to certain areas of the shop or throughout the store.

Unlike conventional commercial air fresheners, Ambius Microfresh behaves like a vapour, remaining in the air for up to four hours. Because the diffusion of the scenting particles is controlled, the scenting of the space is 100% uniform. Ambius offers 25 different scents to retailers – from the smell of a new car to the scent of freshly baked cookies.

Award winning, specialist interior design shop, Deal Interiors, recently installed Ambius Microfresh and Green Grass is one of the fragrances they will use to support the launch of Provence inspired range of garden furniture and accessories. Deal Interiors will also be taking the fragrances Fresh Water and Marine Fresh.

Allan Hobbs of Deal Interiors ( comments, “Interior design is all about what pleases our senses and certainly our focus is to provide customers with an enjoyable and sensory experience whenever they visit. Whether they are here to discuss paint, fabric, wallpaper, furniture, accessories or a ‘full circle’ service covering a whole scheme, we want them to feel valued and secure in the knowledge that we know our stuff!  Scenting will enhance that experience, making customers want to stay longer.”

Jeanette Van Roy, Managing Director of Ambius.adds: “This is all about enhancing the sensory experience for the customer. In essence, a pleasant, subtle scent may encourage customers to linger for longer and that increases the chances of them of buying and returning again. Scenting provides a real competitive difference to independent retailers, enabling them to offer the experiential shopping that could help reinvigorate the nation’s high streets.”


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