dryer-1Understanding the science behind drying

Vortex, is a unique patented spinning air technology dryer delivering low cost, fast, quieter drying. The regenerative heating technique replaces the conventional heating elements & uses minimum energy consumption; saving money as well as reducing the impact on the environment and producing the industry’s lowest heat emissions. Not only will this reduce your electricity bill, increasing over-all carbon efficiency; the Vortex is the lowest carbon foot-print dryer in its class.


• 950 Watts only (Lowest carbon footprint)

• Compelling cost savings (40%- 80%)

• Longer lasting (10x Life) 5 year warranty

• 97% cost savings against paper towels

• Antibacterial coating and more hygienic

• Rapid Drying (10 – 15 seconds)

• Quieter Operation

• 2 patents Granted, 1 pending


Tel: 0207 847 4091


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