chazWelcome to The Grocery Trader’s Review Of The Year 2010. Christmas is sneaking up on us once more, faster than you can say “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in-store merchandising display,” though it looks like this time round we’re in for a leaner Christmas, Coalition style.

As another year ends, December is traditionally time for taking stock and reviewing business. So in our own time-honoured fashion – meaning we’ve done this for the last yew years, so try and stop us! – we’re proud to present The Grocery Trader’s Review of The Year, with a look back at some of the industry stories we’ll remember from 2010.

We’re officially out of recession now, if you go by the book definition of negative growth for three consecutive quarters. But it’s more true to say, it all depends whose house you’re in. As in whether you own your own house, or the finance company has just written to you saying they do.

Rich or poor, we’ve all got a bumpy four years ahead, thanks to those Coalition cuts – and like a surgeon cutting out a cancer, Cameron Clegg & Co would only say they’re doing what they must to cure the patient. If they die, it’s not their fault. Of course not.

The weather’s certainly been spectacular, with all that snow and the lovely long, mellow autumn. It makes up for the Football in South Africa in between times. which we don’t mention, do we, although it turned us all into Ingerlund fans for three weeks and gave us a reason to watch football in the office (ssh). By the way, what did happen to those bags of salads with the Union Flag on?!

As always, we Brits still jump at the chance to have a good time, which keeps the grocery trade going. Our Review celebrates the UK grocery industry’s continued outstanding ability to meet consumer needs, come rain come shine. Light hearted or serious, the stories published here represent the wide span of subjects The Grocery Trader covers throughout the year, both in the magazine, in print and digital editions, and on our website, and in turn reflect the many facets of the UK multiple grocery industry.

Similarly, the news columns on each page in our Review of The Year have been taken from stories we have run during the year. And again, they show the diversity of the stories that come in from the industry.

We hope each of you reading this issue gets the chance to relax, take your mind off business and enjoy the festive season as best you can. Get into the mood with our Review of The Year. Cheers!

The Grocery Trader

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