lfc-orange-strapVelcro Europe S.A., a company that has spent the last 50 years making lives easier with its innovative products, today announced its latest invention: the VELCRO® Brand LogiStrap™. LogiStrap™ is a re-usable and versatile strap for materials handling applications in distribution centres, warehouses and closed loop pools to secure goods on pallets or secure pallet boxes, sleeve packs & folding large containers.

“We’ve noticed that many of our customers are struggling with the huge amount of waste caused by shrink-wrap or stretch films, as well as the costs involved with one-use solutions. The LogiStrap™ is designed for our customers to meet their business targets; whether in terms of decreasing costs, reducing environmental impact, improving health and safety or overall efficiencies” commented Lenny Swart, Marketing Manager for Packaging and Materials Handling Solutions at Velcro Europe. “We can truly say that the development of this product has been driven by multiple customer requests and insights”.

The most obvious application for the LogiStrap™ is to secure goods on a pallet. But also, in combination with Sleeve packs and Folding large containers, it provides a viable alternative to secure lids and gives the packaging additional strength. Especially in situations when goods on a pallet need easy access, like in warehouses for spare parts, and easy to use, waste free solutions are required.

“Let’s say you have 1,000 pallets in your warehouse and you move them ten times per year. Then you need to secure these pallets 10,000 times. Research shows that stretch wrapping of a euro pallet with a height of 1.70m creates material costs of £1.50. This means you spent per year £15,000 – just for securing your goods, on top you produce 2 tonnes of film waste” added Swart.

“Whilst the LogiStrap™ offers ideal branding solutions being available in any corporate colour and the possibility of printing your logo on it, we are aware of the limitations of the product when it comes to weather protection or managing the reverse logistics. That’s why we would recommend our customers to typically use the LogiStrap™ within their warehouses and distribution centres, or work closely together with closed loop poolers who can manage the reverse logistics for you”.

For more information about LogiStrap™ in the UK please call Velcro limited on +44 1606 738806, or email uksales@velcro.com www.velcro.co.uk

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