SCA Packaging’s UK Industrial Division is pleased to announce the launch of its Ready 4 Use Octabin RFU”  , a design which allows the user to single handedly assemble the bin literally in seconds…

The Ready 4 Use Octabin has been adopted by larger users of this type of container, typically with high speed or automated filling lines but there are major advantages for the smaller user too, claims Martyn Reader, Food & Retail Market Manager. “As well as its rapid assembly, the “RFU” bin can be assembled by only one person, whereas most Octabins require two. This is ideal for a smaller production line, night shift or simply presenting the user with a labour saving.”

The design incorporates an integrated base tray, which means The Ready 4 Use Octabin is supplied in two parts rather than the usual 3, and with the inward folding top cap, the unit has a more compact footprint and can be easily stored on standard racking, saving space.

The Ready 4 Use Octabin offers all the virtues of a standard Octabin, in that it provides an excellent level of protection for a wide range of free flowing products, is stackable and supplied completely flat. The unit can be designed to meet individual customer requirements.

“With some sectors of Industry now showing signs of economic recovery, it is envisaged a bulk pack that can be erected by only one person should be of significant interest, “ says Martyn Reader. “The concept has also been developed into a rectangular format for other applications, where it can result in further cost savings and advantages.”

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