A major processor of frozen produce has recently benefited from switching to re-usable packaging for bulk storage; the old adage of “if you look after the peas the pounds will look after themselves” has definitely been the case!

SCA UK’s Industrial Division’s “Freezer Box” is a re-usable bulk box made from high performance corrugated fibreboard. The pack is suitable for cold storage and can carry 1000kg of loose product, stacked 5 high.

The frozen produce processor had been using a container made from conventional corrugated board in conjunction with wooden posts and wooden ‘hoops’ to prevent the pack from bulging and to try and ensure safe stacking. The pack was only suitable for one use and the risk of collapse was an ever present danger. “With the recent raw material increases in paper and the need for continuous improvement, our new development ticked all of the client’s boxes,” explained Chris Ettle, Retail & Food Market Manager. “The re-usability of “Freezer Box” has translated into a significant cost saving on packaging for the client; potentially dangerous bulging has been eliminated, meaning safer stacking and reduced wastage of produce. “Freezer Box” is also quicker to assemble due to fewer components being required in its erection.”

In addition to the above client benefits, “Freezer Box” complies totally with the 3R’s of Waste Disposal – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. But then you wouldn’t expect anything less from SCA, continuously recognised as one of the world’s most sustainable businesses.

SCA Packaging UK Industrial Division

Chris Ettle

Tel: 01455 251400

email: chris.ettle@sca.com   


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