perfect-pastries-every-timeBeyond fine-tuning the mix, the skill in pastry making lies in the cooking. Experienced pastry chefs know exactly how to achieve beautiful, melt in the mouth Danish pastries or soft, chewy profiteroles. For the less knowledgeable it’s a case of trial and error with sometimes, unfortunately, the emphasis on error.

Rational’s SelfCooking Center has taken the uncertainty out of pastry cooking. Its Baking Mode automatically cooks all types of pastry products to perfection, at the touch of a button. All the pastry chef has to do is punch in the correct settings on the control panel – the type of pastry to be cooked and the finish required – and the SelfCooking Center does the rest.

It tells the chef when to load the oven and when to remove the pastries once they are ready. It really is that simple. Different items can be loaded onto separate shelves so that they can all be cooked at the same time, and the SelfCooking Center monitors each shelf separately. This is especially useful for bakeries and cafes that need to keep a variety of fresh stock items on offer. The SelfCooking Center even takes into account the opening and closing of the door to remove items that require different cooking times.

The SelfCooking Center bakes all types of pastry: flaky, puff pastry for pies, croissants, strudels and Danish pastries, suet pastry for savoury dishes, choux pastry for éclairs and profiteroles, light, delicate filo pastry sheets or the ever popular light, crumbly all-purpose shortcrust.

The SelfCooking Center also tells the operator when to start the fully automatic cleaning programme. At the end of the shift staff can pop in a couple of special cleaning and de-scaling tabs, press the start button and the SelfCooking Center takes over. It descales and cleans itself, so it is sparkling and hygienically clean ready for the next pastry session.

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