br755_supermarketNilfisk has launched the new BR755 ride on scrubber dryer complete with an innovative Evergreen Feature.

The Evergreen feature minimises consumption of water, detergent and energy, for cost savings and environmental considerations. The clever part is a boost function that provides a burst of power for heavily soiled areas. Brush pressure, detergent levels and water are temporarily increased for more aggressive cleaning.

The onboard EDS system, Eco Dosage Solution, precisely measures the amount of chemical being used.  Furthermore, with the ECO Solution mode, water consumption can be reduced by as much as 50%.

The system totally eliminates any ‘glug glug’ of costly chemical and greatly reduces the possibility of sticky floors and over use of product that can lead to Health and Safety issues on site.

Additionally the Nilfisk EDS system mixes the chemical with the water at the brush deck of the machine. The water tank therefore remains full of clean water. There is no risk of contamination and the tank will not require cleaning out thereafter.

A waterproof ‘one touch panel’ simplifies the operation, ensuring a user friendly machine at all times.

As the drive towards day time cleaning continues noise levels remain critical. The new BR755 has a 3 stage vacuum resulting in a sound level of only 63 dB(A). Perfect for day time cleaning in sensitive areas.

With a scrubbing width of 710mm and a turning aisle width of only 163cm the machine is highly manoeuvrable and provides complete flexibility for a variety of applications. Both cylindrical and disc brush decks are available and a 360 AH battery tray provides up to 4.5 hours run time.

An onboard battery charger system and a new patented squeegee concept complete a top performer.

Nilfisk, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. From Tub Vacs through to Road Sweepers Nilfisk offers a complete and affordable solution to all cleaning challenges.

Demonstrations, onsite training, service, hire and finance options offered from a nationwide direct sales team. 01284 763163

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