nandoslrCross-promotion mechanic delivered by Fix-a-Form hits the ‘hot’ spot.

As the economic squeeze continues, everyone is keen to steal a deal. Money–off offers are still a winning formula.

And that’s why Nando’s, through All About Food, have created a promotion using Fix-a-Form from Denny Bros to help their hot and delicious PERi-PERi Chips fly off supermarket shelves. It entices new customers to buy across the whole range of PERi-PERi sauces and marinades – and more besides – including Chip Sprinkles, Grinders and Rubs.

It was almost a decade ago that Nando’s PERi-PERi sauces became available in the supermarket. In November 2008, PERi-PERi Chips, in a range of tasty flavours and heat levels, were introduced to supermarket shelves, and the 150g bags are carrying an offer to tempt lovers of the hand cooked crisps to buy Nando’s sauces and marinades from across the range.

A 50p-off coupon is included in the 8 page, circular Fix-a-Form which is designed to fit with the simply designed, but beautifully rustic, aesthetics of the pack.

Describing the rationale behind the promotion, a spokesperson from All About Food said: “PERi-PERi Chips have helped us to reach a brand new consumer. The idea behind the on-pack offer was to cross-sell to these new consumers who may not be aware of the rest of the Nando’s grocery range. The Fix-a-Form helped us to introduce the remainder of the range to the consumer and also explain the meaning of PERi-PERi, our unique point of difference.”

“So many of our competitors are trying to provide consumers with hot and spicy chips, but through PERi-PERi, we are the only brand who can credibly do this. We were also able to encourage them to purchase with the use of a money-off coupon.”

“One small circular label – with an inordinate amount of chirpiness and brand irreverence – and we think the promo has done us proud.”

300,000 Fix-a-Forms were printed and applied to the packets.

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