portions-apricot-cashew-packPortions, a brand new range of snacks from Inovate Health, is set to make nibbling in between meals a lot easier, as every pack is an ideal size serving as well as being around a100 calories, so there’s no need to overdo the calories, fat or sugar.

Priced at 49 pence and available from Lloyds Pharmacies, Portions come in a range of nuts or pretzels, dried fruits or crisps in nutritious and tasty flavours that puts the pleasure back into snacking yet staying in control and in the dietary driving seat.

Bags of Portions snacks are all ideal for grabbing between meals, popping in children’s lunch boxes or even grazing on while winding down and watching television at the end of a hard day.

Over the last 20 years portion sizes have significantly increased doubling in size in many instances. As a nation we haven’t noticed the increase but have just got used to eating larger portions because basically, we simply eat what we are given.

portions-pretzels_high-resWhether it’s a 50g bag of nuts or a 100g, once opened, the pack gets polished off. While the former has around 270 calories, the latter is well over 550.

These ‘lost calories’ make a huge difference when added up over the days, weeks, months and years. The importance of this issue has even been highlighted by the Health Secretary, who has asked food companies to take a greater role in promoting a healthier life style. Portions delivers a controlled, sensibly sized snack so the whole bag can be enjoyed, safe in the knowledge that the healthy eating plan remains in tact.

Franco Beer, chief executive of Inovate Health, said: “One of the most difficult things these days is keeping an eye on serving sizes of everything from muffins and pastries, lattes and cappuccinos, ready meals, take-aways and of course, snacks. With our brand new range Portions, we’ve done the hard work for you and taken control of this so that you can sit back and just get on with enjoying your snack.

“The fact is that virtually all of us eat the serving of a food, drink or snack which is presented to us. Not many of us have the willpower or foresight to stop halfway through a croissant for example and save half for later. Hopefully, Portions will help make snacking much easier and more pleasurable.”

The Portions range consists of:

• Cheese & Red Onion Soya and potato snack 25g

• Sour cream & chives flavour pretzels 25g

• A handful almonds 22g

• Pineapple & Cashew nut oat bar 28g

• Thai and Sweet Chilli Soya and potato snack 25g

• Apricot & Cashew nut mix 34g

Inovate Health

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