Plastics packaging expert helps launch ready meal ‘Straight From The Box’

Færch Plast has been chosen by Stoeffler, one of the leading food processing companies in France, to produce packaging for a new ready meal designed to be eaten straight from the box.

In order to meet ever-changing consumer patterns, and a modern lifestyle that requires flexibility and ease-of-use for many people, Stoeffler wanted to introduce a meal that could be prepared and consumed without any inconvenience.

The French company turned to leading packaging manufacturer Færch Plast, who duly produced a an APET plastic tray and lid made from polypropylene and polyethylene for choucroute or sauerkraut, one of Stoeffler’s best selling dishes, together with an outer cardboard container.

The emergence in France of this new trend for boxed ready meals sees an increasing number of people opting for food that is simple to prepare and doesn’t even need a plate for serving.

Product Manager at Stoeffler, Isabelle Angot, comments: “Most ready meals contain pasta, and consumers have been waiting for a wider selection of everyday dishes in these areas.  We decided to launch our bestseller in a box to create diversity within the area and to satisfy the needs of our customers for practical solutions.”

The choucroute recipe of cabbage, sausage, bacon and potatoes is cut in to small pieces to allow customers to eat it from the plastic tray using just a fork, which is also provided in the carton.

Joe Iannidinardo, Managing Director, Faerch Plast Ltd says: “The meal takes just two minutes to heat up in a microwave, and when it’s ready although the plastic tray is hot, the surrounding paperboard packaging stays cool, so it’s safe to handle and ready to eat.”

Joe continues: “Also, there’s a large print area on the carton, so plenty of space to make the packaging look attractive and to communicate the product’s messages.”

Stoeffler hopes to develop other products in the same type of packaging in the future.

Færch Plast Ltd

Joe Iannidinardo

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