montage-1Quartix Pay As You Go vehicle tracking, launched just three months ago, is creating tremendous interest among food distributors across the country.

According to Andy Kirk, the company’s sales and marketing director, the high interest results from customers’ demand for flexibility and not wanting to get tied into long contracts in the current economic climate.

“We appear to have introduced just the right product at precisely the right time.

“For fleet managers Pay As You Go is the complete and flexible answer. It allows them to match their tracking requirements with their fleet size during these uncertain times, with no contract or penalty,” he says.

The advanced Quartix product, providing accurate real-time tracking for rapid and efficient food distribution, can also provide temperature alerts when linked to a vehicle’s  refrigeration system. This reliable early warning system ensures temperatures remain within set limits – and, if not, allows plenty of time for action to be taken to save a valuable load – whether medicines, pharmaceuticals or perishable supermarket foods.

“When you consider so many temperature-dependent loads are worth vastly more than the vehicles transporting them, this feature is invaluable. And it’s just one of many provided by our system,” adds Andy Kirk.

The Quartix system enables customers to track their vehicles online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Besides each vehicle’s location, the system provides a continuous supply of historical and current management information to enable operators to review their fleet’s performance live on-screen.

This means operators can do everything from improving delivery times  to eliminating duplicated and unscheduled journeys and planning more direct routes on less congested roads.

At the same time, the system helps urgent calls or deliveries to be placed on a “closest proximity” basis, and deters drivers from speeding and making unscheduled journeys – producing even more savings on fuel and mileage.

Currently, Quartix provides three funding options: outright purchase, lease finance, and Quartix Pay As You Go.

With a choice of three versions, the Quartix Pay As You Go system can be tailored to suit an operator’s exact requirements, from simple tracking through to the Corporate system, ideal for large multi-site fleets.

The new product can be bought online through Quartix’s website or by calling the company on 0870 013 6663.

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