Combi steamers are a great way for retailers to cook take-out food for customers. They’re perfect for preparing just about every popular meal-on-the-go, from pizza to pies to Danish pastries – not to mention bread, roast chicken, baked potatoes and even chips. However, these multi-tasking cooking machines use water and that means limescale, which is a major headache for users.

Now Rational’s SelfCooking Center frees retailers from the worry of limescale build-up. It’s the first combi to have CareControl, a feature that flushes out the water-borne minerals that cause limescale deposits. And CareControl means there’s no need to fit a water softener to the combi, because even in hard water areas the SelfCooking Center is always limescale-free.

CareControl automatically monitors the SelfCooking Center and tells the operator when the unit needs cleaning and descaling. At that point, staff simply put a ‘Care Tab’ into the unit’s drawer, which is similar to one on a domestic washing machine, and put detergent tablets into the basket in the cooking cabinet. Once that’s done, the control button sets CareControl in operation and the Rational cleans and descales itself. The Care Tab has special scale-dissolving ingredients that prevent scale build up.

For retailers, another big benefit of the SelfCooking Center is that it can be sited front of house, right where the customer is. It has an attractive, high-tech fascia while optional extras, such as the Rational Ultravent condensation hood, mean there’s no need to worry about ventilation or cooking smells. It’s also fast, so the food can be quickly prepared, ready for when the customer wants it.

For information and brochures, or to arrange to come to a free SelfCooking Center® ‘TeamCooking Live’ seminar, contact your dealer, freephone Rational UK on 0800 389 2944 or call +44 800 389 2944. For product information and contact details see

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