the-buster-range-of-plughole-care-productsManufacturer Challs International, which has developed and grown the Buster brand to become the specialist in plughole care, has introduced money back guarantees on its two unblocking products.

The new money back guarantee rolls out on packs of Buster Kitchen Plughole Unblocker and Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker sold through retailers from August. It comes hot on the heels of National Plughole Week (20-27 July), which was supported by the brand.

Louise Perry, Buster brand manager says: “In these credit conscious times, what better message can there be for consumers than the one that says if they’re not happy, they can have their money back! The message says everything about our confidence in the product and the fact that Buster has won consumer hearts.”

Consumers who are unhappy simply need to provide proof of purchase when writing to Challs International requesting their money back.

Buster has become synonymous with plughole care and is the only brand of plughole treatments and unblockers individually formulated for kitchens and bathrooms.

Buster Kitchen Plughole Unblocker works by blasting food and fat waste out of kitchen drains whilst Buster Bathroom Unblocker dissolves hair and soap blockages in showers and baths. Both have money back guarantees.

The two unblockers are complemented by two treatment products Buster Kitchen Plughole & Sink Treatment and Buster Bathroom Plughole & Sink Treatment, which kill germs and smells, remove stains and leave plugholes fresh.

Challs International

Tel: 0870 6030420

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