Tesco, Britain’s largest retailer is a big advocate of the JetSort® 1000 coin sorter. Supplied by UK cash handling equipment market leaders Cummins-Allison, the JetSort has been used by Tesco in conjunction with its self service checkouts since their inception in 2003 and now the number of outlets with the self service option exceeds over 1,700 stores.

Shoppers scan and pay for their purchases at the self service checkouts, an innovation seen as helpful for both the supermarket and the customer. As well as debit and credit cards the checkouts also take cash, generating large quantities of mixed coins for daily processing. This is not the case with conventional checkouts; hence the JetSort machines to sort and count the coins, making significant time savings for the cash office team. The counters are also linked to the store’s computer so data can be directly transferred to the Tesco cash management system, saving additional time and avoiding any human error.

Designed for ease of use, the JetSort 1000 is a compact tabletop coin sorter with large control keys and an easy to read LCD display. It will sort as many as eight different coins at speeds of up to 2,200 coins per minute with an accuracy of 99.995%. Sorted coins can be bagged or boxed in amounts adjustable by denomination, coin packaging is also allowed for.

“The JetSort machines are extremely reliable,” says Lisa Watkins, Tesco Better Service Choice Project Manager. “They require minimal maintenance and Cummins’ knowledge of our business needs is so extensive that any rare problem can usually be solved with a phone call, I am unaware of any concerns that have not been simple and quick to rectify. We looked at three or four other suppliers initially but none had the functionality of the JetSort.”

Lisa concludes, “Our self service checkouts take vast amounts of coin each week, before their introduction we didn’t need coin handling machines but now it’s paramount to have them simply because of the time and effort they save.”

Cummins-Allison Ltd supplies a comprehensive range of cash handling equipment including currency scanners, note counters, coin sorters and coin counters.

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