sticky-notesLeading stationery brand, BIC, has continuously taken a number of measures in improving the sustainability of its product.

As market leaders, BIC’s constant innovation ensures that products are lightweight and long lasting. The world famous BIC® Cristal® ball pen can write for more than two kilometers and weighs less than six grams.

Refillable products such as BIC® Atlantis® Clic and BIC® Re-Action® ball pens encourage users to purchase single stationery units and refill them to reduce waste.

Innovating even further, BIC is delighted to announce the launch of BIC® ecolutions™, a new range of affordable writing instruments made from recycled plastics and water based fluid.

The BIC® ecolutions™ range includes ball point pens, graphite pencils, correction products, sticky notes and labels. The range has been designed to reflect BIC’s reputation for quality, value and innovation.

The stationery products are all made from recycled pre-consumer or post-consumer materials and meet strict ISO guidelines, or are made from water base fluids which are less harmful to the environment (in the case of BIC ecolutions™ Correction Aqua).

Yolande de Trogoff, marketing manager for BIC comments: “Through our BIC® ecolutions™ products we are making a huge step towards reducing our CO2 footprint. We have created a range at an affordable price designed to support retailers in offering consumers a greener choice.

“Most importantly, BIC® ecolutions™ products perform to the same high quality that consumers have come to expect from BIC products throughout the years.”

The BIC® ecolutions™ Clic Stic is available in blue and black. It is perfect for customers looking for a greener option, as it is made from 62% recycled materials.

The BIC® Evolution Pencil is a high quality pencil made from 57% recycled material with ultra-resistant lead. This wood-free graphite resin pencil is chew-resistant and does not splinter, even if it breaks.

BIC® ecolutions™ Sticky Notes are made from 80% recycled post consumer materials. As most sticky notes are used only once, opting for a recycled note is a great way for offices to encourage greener, responsible choices. Available in blue, pink and green, these affordable sticky notes are made in both square and rectangular pads in a choice of two sizes.

For more information about the BIC® ecolutions™ range please visit where you can also find tips for creating a greener office.

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