km-great-everyday-6-rollsThe Lunchbox occasion is a key growth opportunity for the Bakery category. With 12% of all sliced bread eaten during this time, it is the third largest bread consumption occasion behind Breakfast and Lunch and therefore a key opportunity to increase retailer sales.

There are currently four billion Lunchbox occasions each year (vs. 3.75 billion during ’08). This growth has led to family bread brand Kingsmill commissioning research into the factors contributing to this consumption trend. Category research highlights a growing demand for healthier Lunchbox options, with 28% of food choices made with health benefits front of mind. This, combined with the current economic climate and consumers’ desire for great tasting Lunchbox products, has led to a resurgence in the Lunchbox market.

Kingsmill’s Bakery portfolio, currently worth £392m and growing at a rate of 7% year-on-year, is well positioned to take advantage of this growth.


Accounting for 14% of the total Bakery market and currently worth £258m, the Rolls category is heavily skewed to seasonal sales. Rolls are not a household staple and are therefore purchased differently to Sliced Bread, with an occasion in mind. While consumers can expect to find them in-store all year round, the back to school period is a key time of year when retailers should expect demand to rise.

Kingsmill’s pre-sliced six pack Rolls, including Great Everyday White, 50/50 and Tasty Wholemeal, cater to this annual peak. Kingsmill Rolls are currently growing 26% year-on-year in volume and 13% in value.

Kingsmill Rolls offer consumers a unique combination of taste, health benefits, value-for-money and above all, convenience. Kingsmill is also in a unique position, because just like its popular Kingsmill 50/50 loaf, the Kingsmill 50/50 Sliced Rolls in a six pack are the only branded white rolls on the market that are baked with 50% wholemeal flour, providing consumers with 40% of their daily wholegrain in just one roll.


Meeting the growing demand for tastier and healthier Lunchbox options, Kingsmill 50/50 is unique in the Healthier White segment as it is the only white bread brand which provides half of consumer’s daily wholegrain in two slices. Worth £71m and growing at 4% year-on-year, Kingsmill 50/50 is currently driving the Lunchbox occasion by offering the great white bread taste that kids love, making it an easy way for parents to get goodness into their families.

Kingsmill 50/50 is also available in 50/50 with Omega 3, providing consumers with the wholegrain goodness of 50/50 with the additional benefit of being an easy way to top up their Omega 3 levels.


Worth £13m, Kingsmill Crusts Away! is the UK’s only crust-less bread, tapping into the consumer insight that “kids really hate crusts”. Research suggests that 58% of parents remove the crusts ‘often’ or ‘always’ from their kids’ sandwiches however, being the only bread brand in the market which is soft right to the edges, Kingsmill Crusts Away! means no leftovers.

Kingsmill Crusts Away! is available in Crusts Away! 50/50 and Crusts Away! White variants, Kingsmill Crusts Away! 50/50 provides consumers with 30% of their daily wholegrain in just two slices.


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