the-old-breweryA request to provide specially designed glass bottles is nothing new to leading manufacturer Beatson Clark, yet the company was surprised to discover one application of 2,000 bottles was to be somewhat different – more decorative than practical!

Beatson Clark supplied an existing customer, Meantime Brewing Company, with the additional bottles, not only for their usual product the renowned Wheat Beer or even Chocolate Beer, but for them to create an imaginative focal point in their unique restaurant, bar and cafe, The Old Brewery at Greenwich.

Dawn Pugh, marketing manager for Beatson Clark said: “It wasn’t an usual request for the bottles although when we found out their application, as a chandelier, we were amazed at the ingenuity of the designers. The bottles look fantastic and help to give the microbrewery and brasserie a fabulous ambience that customers can delight in.”

The 2,000 bottles were hung individually by hand over a two day period.  Alec Fleming, marketing manager for the retail arm of the Meantime Brewing Company commented: “The Old Brewery is part of the newly refurbished Discover Greenwich project at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, by day the microbrewery is flooded with natural light from the delightfully high ceilings. By night a more atmospheric and intimate ambience was required for the brasserie, which is provided by the bottles. Fitted to an undulating platform with points of light above, the bottles diffuse the glow providing an impressive lighting effect for diners to fully appreciate.”

Beatson Clark’s relationship with Meantime Brewing Company started over 10 years ago when the glass manufacturer was appointed to develop a specially designed bottle for the brewer’s unique blend of beers.  The bottle had to reflect the quality of the beers and a 330ml champagne styled bottle was developed.  The bottle is used for a range of Meantime’s unique products including, Pilsner Larger, Wheat Beer, Chocolate Beer, Coffee Beer and Raspberry Beer.

Alec continued: “We established our relationship with Beatson Clark because of their esteemed reputation in the market place and they have not disappointed.  Our beer bottle style is a recognised important part of our brand identity.

“When our designers came up with the concept of the glass bottle chandelier, Beatson Clark was the natural choice to approach for the glass bottle supply. We have had many comments from diners and the media alike they are all very impressed and seem to fully appreciate the effect the chandelier has in the restaurant. ”

The Old Brewery itself is a unique venue which encompasses its own working microbrewery that can be seen in all its glory from the dining hall. It is a fitting place for The Old Brewery to be situated, as a brewery was built on the site in 1832, and as early as 1717 the Royal Naval Hospital had its own brewery to supply pensioners with their three-pint daily ration.

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