epal-pallet-elephant1EPAL, the world’s largest pallet pool, with stringent quality controls for all approved manufacturers and repairers gives public access to its laboratory strength testing of EPAL approved pallets.

The results show that EPAL approved pallets are able to withhold up to 48 kilonewtons force, twice as good as the non-approved pallets.

The baby elephant pictured here weighs 116 kgs, the equivalent of 1.13 kilonewtons, which could easily be held by the EPAL approved pallet. It will take 6 years to grow to a full adult size of 4.5 -7 tonnes – shorter than the lifespan of the average EPAL approved pallet.

EPAL is keen to point out that no laboratory testing on elephants has been conducted during these trials.  To see the footage yourself, go to www.brepal.org.uk/brepal/videos/ default.asp

EPAL is the largest pallet pool in the world with 500 million pallets in use and 70 million added annually.

In the UK EPAL grew by 22% in 2008.

New research shows that using EPAL pallets can be 25% cheaper than renting pallets.

For more information about EPAL, call Paul Davidson on 01223 479594, email davidsonpaulj@googlemail.com or visit www.brepal.org.uk

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