Secure your writing with uni Super Ink

vision-rt1Mitsubishi Pencil Co., owner of the uni-ball brand is leading the way in the UK writing instrument market with uni Super Ink. In comparison to more commonly used washable dyestuff inks, which are easily soluble, uni Super Ink is a unique pigment ink with outstanding levels of protection. Resistant to light, water, acetone and bleach, the end result is less ink blurring and bleed-through. This creates writing that is more legible and will stand the test of time.

Used in many products in the uni-ball range this ink protects the most sensitive documents. The pigment binds with the cellulose in the paper making the ink permanent once it is dry. This means that uni Super Ink is highly secure offering unprecedented protection against cheque or document tampering.

Stuart Barker, Marketing Manager at Mitsubishi Pencil Co. said, “uni Super Ink can be used on important documents in the safe knowledge that it will not fade and cannot be erased.

uni-superink-red“With the ever increasing problem of identity theft and document fraud, the benefits of using uni Super ink with its superior resistance to water and alcohol, make signatures and other important details resistant to tampering.”

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