Craft beer trend boosts interest in Džiugas cheese

Džiugas, the cheese from the Baltics, is getting a boost from the surge of interest in craft beer. This mature hard cheese has the character and savoury/sweet robustness which matches perfectly with beer. The lighter, younger Džiugas maturities (Mild 12 and Delicate 18) work well with the paler brews, while the more mature varieties (Piquant 24 and Gourmet 36) are an ideal pairing for the stronger, darker ales.


Džiugas therefore becomes a good proposition to match the trend for micro-brews. Pre-Christmas sampling sessions with local beers alongside a Lithuanian cheese offer a great talking point and extra sales!

Džiugas traditionally sells well as a Christmas product over the festive season. In Lithuania, it is traditionally offered with honey as a gift. This reflects the legend that the giant (pictured on every pack of Džiugas cheese) bestows joy and strength on all who eat his cheese. Another tradition is to serve the cheese with nuts (very suitable for the festive season). All of which means potential extra sales combining Džiugas, beer, nuts and honey!